Surface Types

Feb 2, 2022 | Coaches Insights

Surface Types

Future Demand Tennis utilises several locations across Melbourne. By doing so, we have access to a variety of different court types. Each surface type can affect the speed of the ball and how it can bounce. Commonly there are 3 types of courts: grass, hard, and clay/porous.

Grass Courts

Grass courts with their slippery surfaces are the fastest of the court types with the lowest ball bounce due to the softer soil base absorbing the ball’s energy.

Wimbledon is the most famous grass court and the only Grand Slam competition to be played on this surface. Roger Federer is one of the many champions of the grass court at Wimbledon.

Hard Courts

With their flat surface, hard courts tend to be quite predictable with higher bounce. These courts are slower than grass courts but quicker than clay courts. The Australian Open is played on hard courts.

Clay Courts

Due to its deep red colouring, clay courts are easily recognisable and can be found at the French Open. Clay courts are the slowest surface type.