Match Preparation

To achieve that winning feeling from your weekly tennis match you need to be well organized beforehand.
Don’t rely on your parents for the following, as you need to take responsibility for your performance.


Remember to:

Set Your Alarm

1. Wake up at least 90mins before your match, especially if your match commences at 8.30 am. Our bodies take at least 1 hour to wake up so set your alarm the night before for a fun morning ahead.


2. Eat a nutritious breakfast consisting of- cereal, toast, fruit, juice etc. Don`t rush out the door with no food eaten as your body’s blood sugar level will be low and you will have no energy for the match ahead.


3. Do some light stretches at home (approx. 5 mins) to warm up and loosen your muscles so you’re ready for the match ahead.

Pack Your Bag

4. Pack your Tennis Bag with your racquet/s Water Bottle full of water, cap, towel, spare socks. Also, a snack or fruit is helpful if your match is in the morning and you may play more than 3 sets.

Tie Your Shoe Laces Firmly!

5. Have your shoelaces tied firmly BEFORE you enter the court so your movement, court speed is at its best.


Tournament Play

If you are playing in a tournament for the entire day try to:-

Organize a light 30 min warm-up hit at your local court nearby before travelling to the tournament venue.
This will relax your mind, warm up your muscles and help your footwork for the day ahead.
Also take a larger water bottle, more snacks and fruit in preparation for a longer day ahead and perhaps waiting between matches.


ENJOY your match as you are now well organized to have fun and win at tennis!

Plan Prepare Perform

To achieve the most benefit from your weekly tennis lesson you need to be well prepared beforehand.


Remember to:-

High Energy Snack

1. Eat a nutritious, high energy snack, food at least 30 mins before you arrive at the courts.

Blood Sugar Levels

2. Your blood sugar level needs to be high so you can concentrate, have loads of energy to move well and give your best effort to your coach.

Appropriate Snacks

3. Any fruit is best-I love bananas as they are easy to eat, taste great and are high in natural sugar.
Also, a sandwich, muffin or a small snack if coming from school is fine.

Water Bottle

4. Water bottle full of water is always needed even in winter as your body can dehydrate very quickly.

Wear a Cap

5. Wear a cap all year for sun, wind, hair protection.

Shoelaces Tied Firmly

6. Shoelaces tied firmly BEFORE you enter the court so your movement, court speed is at it`s best.



Try to be 10 mins early for your lesson if possible so you can:-
Do a few easy stretches then perhaps a short walk around outside of courts to loosen and warm up your muscles.


ENJOY your lesson as you are now well prepared to have fun at tennis!