Do you offer a free trial lesson before committing to a program?

Yes, all new players are entitled to a no-obligation free trial for any of our Junior or adult group sessions.

Are there lessons on Public Holidays?

No, we do not conduct lessons on public holidays and the missed class is reflected in your invoice as you are not charged for that date.

Do you offer School Holiday Programs?

Yes, we offer programs at 3 of our venues during the school holiday periods. Program lengths vary depending on the venue and we ask you to look out for notifications halfway through each term. All Holiday Program enrolments are conducted through our online registration portal found on this website.

Can I pay my fees by Credit Card or Direct Debit?

Yes, on all of our invoices there is a link that you can click on to take your through to our Credit Card Payment gateway. We also offer Direct Debit facilities and this can be accessed by filling out the Direct Debit form that we send out to all families at the beginning of each term.

​Do your venues offer competition options and pathways for your players?

Yes, all four venues offer competition tennis in varying capacities whether it be through local region junior and adult weekend competitions, to ANZ Hot Shots match play for the juniors to In House FAST4 Doubles competitions for the Adults. There is something for everyone at all levels and standards.